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I most likely will never be known as one of the top “photo blogs” for student or aspiring photographers and that’s OK. In a world where it seems as if everyone owns a camera of some kind, it also seems as if everyone is now a photographer, and I’m OK with that too. So, in [...]

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I remember that Sunday morning well. It was the day I discovered I was selfish and that a mother could be disappointed in her son. I wasn’t a bad kid… As a young boy, growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, very near East Compton, we attended a little conservative church in Paramount. It’s [...]

I’m illegitimate.
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Just the other day I received an email from a single mother who thanked me for sharing about my life as a child who grew up with no father. Yes, I am illegitimate. A child of the 70’s which seems to be better than a child from the 60’s… or not. I was born and [...]

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Not long ago I wrote about getting the right ingredients in your photography to help make a successful image. But, that’s not true for every shot. There are some things you cannot plan. Instead, they just happen. When you do take that shot, you might not even know what you have until you take the [...]

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One of the risks of writing out your thoughts is this… you wrote them out for others to see. That’s right! It’s in print, black and white, posted in cyberspace and retweeted around the globe in moments to “friends” and “followers.” It might have sounded like a good idea at first to write it down [...]

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Number 4 according to RANDOM.ORG. I assigned a number, starting at one from the very first comment being number 1, to the final comment being number 31. I entered the minimum number and the maximum number at and clicked “generate” which gave me the number 4. The fourth comment made was in the first [...]

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It’s been one week of posting here on my new blog. I have to tell you that it’s been a huge blessing to hear your thoughts in person and through the wonderful world wide web. Your comments have challenged me to think differently and fresh… but I have to admit something… I’m lazy. Proverbs 20:4 [...]

A taste for photography
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If you have cable, you’ve most likely watched the Food Network or at least been stopped on the channel as they show delicious entrees that make your mouth water and your stomach growl. I admit, I like the food channel. I use to watch it regularly, but, I soon became frustrated. I couldn’t understand why [...]

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I’ve got a busier than normal day today. I’ll be taking some teens up the Columbia river for some sun and fun. I know it will be most of my day and my feeling is, better blog now… computer and water are not good roommates. I’m one of those guys who likes quotes. I find [...]

What about all those people who didn’t know God?
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Sitting over coffee, which is how I prefer to sit, I was listening to her say to me, “What about all those people long ago who didn’t know about God or Jesus? You know, the Aztecs, Incas? What about the little aboriginal boy in the outback? Are you telling me God is sending them to [...]

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