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From Francisco

Receiving a letter from prison is not something I get in the mail everyday.  However, Francisco responded to my letter to the judge and it was a real encouragement.  

It’s cheaper for him to send several letters together and I wanted to share the following.

This is a letter to the church by Franscisco de los Santos.  (I have not tried to change any spelling or grammatical errors)

Dear Brothers.

Yesterday we had Bible study and we were talking about the fruits of the spirit and how when we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us.  We are Bless By feeling all his fruits.  Well last year when I deside to leave to Mexico I had This weird feeling of emptyness that I couldn’t explain ever since I left.  Being like that I spent a whole year in Mexico and of course I started drifting away from Gods ways and the empty feeling I had started to become more notisible and I steel couldn’t figure out why I felt that way.  Well, for some reason I desided to come back to the US.  Knowing in the back of my mind that I might of get in trouble but I had this other feeling now plus the empty one. So up I went and of corse I ended up locked up now that it has being almost three months of encarceration, since the first day of Jail that empty feeling and desperation i have them no more.  I kind off knew why they went away.  but it wasn’t until yesterday that we were talking about the Holy Spirit dwelling in us and the fruits of the spirit that it came clear to me that empty feeling was because I pushed the Holy spirit away from me by not doing my Job as a Christian and I know the spirit was trying to get back in to his house (me).


Well the reason of this letter is toencourage you brothers to keep up in  letting the Spirit dwell with in us.  I’m a fairly new Christian but I like to think that I’m fulfilling Gods purpose for me in this earth.  Being like that it fills me with Joy to know that God is there at all times even when we are in our lowest moments, he is there to remind us how great is his mercy and love for us.  that he let his only son died for us at the cross we all know He didn’t deserve all the punishment he went through.  because of us but he chose to go trough it so we might believe in his promise. and understand he did it that way because we are so arrogant an foolish that as humans we always demand some kind of physical proof to believe and he knew that so he gave us proof of his Great love for us by diying in the cross.


Well going back to my point it is amazing how God works in the most misterious ways.  to fullfill his word.  I thank God for letting me learned that he wants me to be a member of his family and to be witness of his mercy and to give me proof of it by walking with me on this moments that probably aren’t the lowest cause I know he is carring me through it!


I have in mind most of you Guys have being Christians.  for way longer than me but if this letter help to keep encouranging you to remind faithfull to the Lord than I will know that I’m fullfilling my purpose and am doing what my Lord ought me to do as a brother in Christ!


I will ask u Guys for a favor….  to keep praying for me to keep my life in the Lords path sowe can se each other in haven.  God Bless you ALL.


Your Brother in Christ Francisco.

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