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Baby Thomas number 5… Thomas number 7.


Well the time has come… ready or not. Baby Thomas will be here tomorrow. Boy? Girl? We don’t know, but the Thomas kids are split down the middle. Hannah and Caleb want a boy and Miriam and Adam want a girl. Of course, Dawnette and I know we are blessed so abundantly boy or girl is not the issue.

So I sit here typing away on a blog, I usually neglect, at the most unusual time… hours before our fifth child arrives. You might feel like laughing or you might feel captivated at our story of the Thomas seven, which sounds better than the Thomas six. (we kept getting confused with the Oceanic Six).

I hope to tweet the event the best I can. Technology has come so far in the last 14 years since the birth of our oldest who is now 14. Forgive my misspellings; I will do my best. I will tweet if it’s a boy or a girl after I tell the kids.

This time will be difficult for us. For the first time in all the births of our kids, our hospital will only allow two visitors and no one under the age of 18. Our children are not allowed in due to the N1 H1 flu. Pray for us. We have ALWAYS, had a family prayer before each birth of a Thomas and this time it will be different. Thanks to the good folks at Google for allowing google video chat, we will have a google video chat prayer before we head in to surgery. Pray for a speedy recovery for Dawnette so she can get home in just a few short days.

I so desire for our family to be together. I love them… each and everyone of them.

Keep posted as more will come.


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  • tibbs12

    Great picture! My prayers will be with you.

  • tibbs12

    Great picture! My prayers will be with you.

  • tibbs12

    Great picture! My prayers will be with you.

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