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Winter Wonder Time

It’s cold, there’s snow and ice and most of the color has gone. Color has slipped away for a few moments of rest before celebration of spring. However, winter offers a unique time of the year for photographers to focus on their black and white photography… whether they want to or not and I’m ok with that… I enjoy black and white photography but, not all color is dormant during winter. Winter offers some colors to shine unlike most other times of the year. You just have to find it. So goes my journey. Until the blooming flowers of spring birth from the ground, I will do my best to find the hidden during this winter wonder time.

Interestingly enough, many believe Jesus and His work is only black and white. True, Jesus has some beautiful black and white images that I love. It’s just that there’s color the masters work too. We just need to look for it. It’s not hard, it’s all around us and we’re really without excuse if we don’t see it. If someone has shown you only the black and white art of Jesus, I invite you to see the colors that he offers in every season. Go ahead and look… you might discover you are one of His many beautiful colors and so is the person next to you.

Take a look around this winter… it’s not just black and white.


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