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Our First Day in Fort Portal
Sorry about not giving you an updates.  The data package that Verizon said would be available on my phone is not available in Fort Portal.  I spent several minutes typing on my tiny phones keyboard only to find out that I couldn’t send the message.  Very frustrating, but… Welcome to Uganda.

Anywho, It was a great morning to start.  Having breakfast with Morris is always a treat here at the Ruwenzori View Inn.

Today was a very nice day to be in Uganda.  We had a bit of a rainstorm early on however, by afternoon the clouds broke and the sun turned up the heat.  A little muggy but manageable.

Today we went to camp Saka for orientation and I have to say, it might not be able to be called a camp very soon.  There has been a lot of work on done on the grounds.  Huts, shelters, toilets are in many places.  Jeff has many workers building projects around camp. There is so much to be done, I have a hard time believing that will be finished before camp on Tuesday.

These are a few pics of the team at camp… although we are sitting in a car you couldn't really tell.



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