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It was on our way back from Saka to town…

Andrew took me to an overlook that allowed me to see the Congo mountains.  It was beautiful.  I’ll share pictures later.

On the way out, we saw a young boy laying on a bicycle be pushed by another man.  It was obvious this boy was ill.  The family was taking him to the local clinic to have a test to see if it was malaria.  He could barely move. We loaded him in to the Land Cruiser, with his brother, and rushed him to the clinic. 

I asked the boys name and his brother said, “Ronald.”  That’s my sons middle name.  We hurried down an incredible bumpy road as I took photos of this young boy dying from something that could be prevented with a $5 treated mosquito net.

Malaria kills about 2000 children a day worldwide.  Today I was face to face with this tragic reality.

We landed at the clinic and handed some shillings to our translator to give for treatment of the young boy.  His brother loaded him onto his back and carried him to the clinic. Jesus, be with this young boy.

We gathered back into the car and headed on our way.

Praise God for Andrew looking and seeing this.  I am humbled at this experience.  As I type this note, in bed surrounded by a mosquito net, I think of what opportunities I have everyday..  I think of Bono’s statement that says, “No child should die because they were born in the wrong longitude and latitude.”

Take a moment to visit  www.worldvision.org and make a donation to their malaria campaign.  With enough attention in the right places, Uganda and other countries affected by malaria, could rid their land completely of this weapon of mass destruction.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  We are all very good… a little jetlagged, but good.



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