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Happy Thanksgiving.
25th Nov 2010Posted in: blog View Comments

It’s been my 40th Thanksgiving. It’s been a very different year for me. I’ve experienced wonderful joys and difficult sorrows. I have so much to be thankful for. If I were to begin writing about all of them, I’m sure my season of life would end before I was able to pen every one. However, [...]

A taste for photography
6th Aug 2010Posted in: blog View Comments

If you have cable, you’ve most likely watched the Food Network or at least been stopped on the channel as they show delicious entrees that make your mouth water and your stomach growl. I admit, I like the food channel. I use to watch it regularly, but, I soon became frustrated. I couldn’t understand why [...]

June Desktop for 2010
1st Jun 2010Posted in: blog View Comments

Hey everyone. I know it’s been a long time and many of you are waiting to see the pics from my trip to Uganda… Well, so am I. I really haven’t had the chance to get a good look at them, let alone do the needed post work on the favorites. I seem to have [...]

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28th Feb 2010Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

Well, I’m not sure if this is a real blessing… but many blessings come about because of it. Traveling. Today, my oldest daughter said, “Wow, you know how many miles you will fly this year? How cool is that?” I told her she would drastically change her mind once she took the flight form Seattle [...]

14th Feb 2010Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

I’m not a big romantic, but I feel blessed to have a life that’s full of adventure, mystery and romance. Romance is a part of life. I can’t imagine living without it. Romance is more than a pounding heart, butterflies in your stomach or deep breaths… it’s story. Romance is a thread that is woven [...]

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Click on the photo and it will send you to the desktop gallery for 2010. Place your cursor over the image and a window will slide out. Save image to your desktop. peace. johno~

17th Jan 2010Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

Chalk this up to my first real product shot… I have to say, “I’m blessed.” I’m not sure I could go into all the details of this photo. Yes, I know it’s a bunch of Canon cameras, but it’s more. Last year my family and I were returning home form the Oregon coast after speaking [...]

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