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I couldn’t tell you the exact time, but this morning Rebekah Grace Thomas was born into this world. She’s 7lb. 15oz. and 19 inches long. Rebekah means Captivating, Beautiful. She is that. The surgery went well and Dawnette is getting the rest she deserves. I have such a wonderful and strong wife. We’ve been waiting [...]

20th Feb 2009Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

To my friends and family. Thank you for your support and comfort over the last week after the loss of Lyle. Lyle is a wonderful Christ like man who now lives the way we all were created to live, with God. It’s been difficult this month. I’ve been battling a cold for four weeks now [...]

24th Dec 2008Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

To all our friends and family this CHRISTmas season… Blessing to you all. Shalom. johno~

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