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What am I thinking?
26th Apr 2011Posted in: blog View Comments

I’m not sure I’ve ever done this to a photo before or not… However, I keep thinking there should be a thought attached to this picture as in, “What am I thinking?” I love the old retro feel of this picture, but I just can’t put my finger on it. What about you? If you [...]

18th Nov 2010Posted in: blog View Comments

It’s the only thing I can think of… blur. This last month has been a blur full of ups and downs. I’m so thankful for all those who have stood by our family in thoughts and prayers. This last Monday it had been 30 days since my wife’s mother passed away. Blur. A mix of [...]

10th Jan 2010Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

Well, it’s the start of a new year and a new photo challenge. This years photo theme will be “52 Blessings.” After last years photo challenge wreck and the disaster of having my gear stolen in the 3rd month of the year, I thought it would be best to focus this year on my many, [...]

6th Nov 2009Posted in: Uncategorized View Comments

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend who just purchased his first DSLR camera. We only spoke briefly about RAW’s capabilities before he exclaimed, “the files are huge.” Then he said, “I’m going to have to start deleting more pictures so I have room on my computer. I told him, “just [...]

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