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True North Helping Hands and I
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Well, I turn 41 in just a few days and I will have the pleasure of spending it in Ensenada, Mexico shooting photos for a ministry group that helps build schools for displaced indigenous people. True North Helping Hands. Unfortunately my family will not be there with me. Last year, I was in Uganda on [...]

Dominican Republic
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It’s time to pack my bags again. This time I’m off to the Dominican Republic with World Vision. My wonderful family has allowed me to share my gift of photography with others and I’m very grateful for them allowing this… Especially my son Adam who will be turning FIVE on March 21st. This map represent [...]

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It’s the only thing I can think of… blur. This last month has been a blur full of ups and downs. I’m so thankful for all those who have stood by our family in thoughts and prayers. This last Monday it had been 30 days since my wife’s mother passed away. Blur. A mix of [...]

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I’m trying to use my powers for hope and not hurt. Photography has been a wonderful tool for me to help bring awareness to many about the world we live in. I’ve been very blessed to travel to several third world cultures, independently and with World Vision using photography to tell a different story… a [...]

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I most likely will never be known as one of the top “photo blogs” for student or aspiring photographers and that’s OK. In a world where it seems as if everyone owns a camera of some kind, it also seems as if everyone is now a photographer, and I’m OK with that too. So, in [...]

A taste for photography
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If you have cable, you’ve most likely watched the Food Network or at least been stopped on the channel as they show delicious entrees that make your mouth water and your stomach growl. I admit, I like the food channel. I use to watch it regularly, but, I soon became frustrated. I couldn’t understand why [...]

grand canyon, arizonia
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Thank you everyone for your patience. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to partner with World Vision and their efforts to bring awareness to global relief through child sponsorship. If you would like more information about child sponsorship, please contact me or visit Here are a few photos from my trip. It’s not [...]

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