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As the year comes to an end.

UGH!  Is it me or has this year gone by to quickly?  It seems as if I was just with my friends on the other side of the world and now I’m here in central Washington covered in snow.

However, the year is not over and I hope to complete several unfinished and looooonnnnng over due posts.  (now where did I leave off in Israel?)

A friend of mine blogged recently, “what next year looks like?  What are my goal?  How do I hope to enter 2010 and what do I need to accomplish?” He’s already thinking about 2010. Crumb!

What are your goals for next year?  BTW, are goals different from resolutions?  

2010 will be here sooner than any of us know.  I have a lot in mind for 2010 including, lord willing, a return trip to Uganda, Africa.  Perhaps Israel again.?  Although, my desire is to bring my daughter Hannah along for the next trip.  Not sure what that looks like or how it will be accomplished, but that’s the plan. Thus the importance of focusing on 2009.

So, before this year is over, here’s my list to do by January 1, 2009:

Finish my one pic a week gallery

Finish my post of my trip to Israel

Reset my www.johno.org page (DONE) you can check it outhere.

Change the look of my current blog page at blog.johno.org for my 52 week photo challenge.

Back up 2008 photos (half done)

For next year… That will be another post.


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  • http://theduhaneys.blogspot.com kelli duhaney

    Hi Jon- can you email me Dawnette’s email address? I’m making our blog private and she wanted to be invited, but I want to be sure I have the correct address. Thanks.

    Hope you enjoy the holidays with your family!

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