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I’m trying to use my powers for hope and not hurt. Photography has been a wonderful tool for me to help bring awareness to many about the world we live in. I’ve been very blessed to travel to several third world cultures, independently and with World Vision using photography to tell a different story… a [...]

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Number 4 according to RANDOM.ORG. I assigned a number, starting at one from the very first comment being number 1, to the final comment being number 31. I entered the minimum number and the maximum number at and clicked “generate” which gave me the number 4. The fourth comment made was in the first [...]

Welcome to the new site!
1st Aug 2010Posted in: blog View Comments

Hey everyone… Welcome to my new website, Well, you might also notice that it’s still but the lightexposure will point here for now. Much of this site is still being worked on, but I like the look and I think it has potential for future projects. Future projects I would like to finally [...]

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Jennifer Davis Option #3: Trying to be like Jesus to my wife, my kids, the youth I serve in ministry, and to an impoverished world. Using photography to help others see more clearly the majesty of creation and the glory of God among us. Many thanks to all those who gave this a shot. It [...]

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OK, I’ve got another contest. This one will run for two weeks and I’m hoping for some fun input from a bunch of you. One of the goals I have for 2010 is to work on my blog more than I did in 2009. (so far, so good) I want it to be a site [...]

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With the help of my son Caleb, one of five folded pieces of paper, containing five different names, was pulled by the 7 year old Thomas kid. AND THE WINNER IS… THE OTHER JOHN THOMAS. 10. Learn the technical aspects of your equipment, and learn them well. (Most of my photographic troubles can be brought [...]

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An email I get often is, “Hey friend, could I get some advice from you? I am looking possibly at getting into photography and I am considering buying a camera. Any ideas or places to start? Thanks!” So I thought I might share my story about how I came about my photo gear and some [...]

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