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On Monday…

Well, we’ve finished our Monday and it was full of wonderful experiences.  Well, for some that is.

Last night I had a really difficult dream… my first in a long time.  Must be the Larium.  Anyhow, I woke up just before 6 AM and realized I would/could not fall back to sleep, so I did a little study on my lessons.

Jeff and Andrew have been working hard on getting the camp ready.  At lunch I discovered that ALL of the missionaries that said they were coming to Faith Quest are not.  It will be Jeff, Andrew and Cheryl… and six white people from the Northwest America.   Very concerning as there should be a couple hundred students there.  Building at camp Saka has fallen to a snail pace.  Rain makes things difficult around here.

As it poured “Africa” rains, Janet, Hannah and My Hannah danced in the downpour. It was fun to watch.  I, however, sat on my be counting money and looking at receipts.  It seems as if the rain at camp created some serious mud and our supply truck became stuck in the mud.  Most of the work crew spent the entire work day trying to get it out… It’s still stuck.  This truck is blocking the main road to camp.  This will prevent any vehicles from getting into camp Saka.  Including the water truck and the food supply.  We ordered a 10,000 gallon tank to be delivered to camp.  The delivery truck came today to deliver it but was unable due to our vehicle stuck in the middle of the road.  So, they just pushed the tank off the side of the rig and left.  Now we have a 10,000 gallon tank we have to try to get to camp in a truck that’s stuck.

Several village churches showed up today to do some work to help pay for camp… Yet, they didn’t bring any food for themselves when they were specifically told they would need to provide for all their meals prior to camp starting.

None of the “cabin” huts are finished, which means we will have to use tents, (in the rain). Problem, all the unfinished cabin huts are in the locations where the tents need to go. Is this sounding African yet?

Good news… I finally heard back from World Vision Uganda.  I have numbers to the ADP contact that will be handling my visit.  I will only be able to visit our boy Zackaliya…  Good enough.  I will give the WV worker gifts we brought for other children to be delivered.  So sorry we will miss seeing Lucy.  Next time.

Side note, I received an email from WV that said I would have to pay for the travel of the WV staff and meals $260 US!  Ummm.  It’s about 4000 shillings, ($4) to take the bus from here to Bundibugyo.  I am looking into this to see if this is accurate.  If it is… I want a bargain!

It’s a late night and we have a lot to do tomorrow.  Non of it will get finished I’m sure of it.  We only need to be ready to encourage the youth and bring them nothing else but Jesus.  He is the answer to the world.

Here are a few pictures I promised to post from yesterday.

We can feel your prayers.  Thank you all.  We love you.


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