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First full day at Faith Quest Uganda
Well, our first full day at camp is going well. We’ve readjusted the
schedule several times… it’s an African thing. The teens are
singing and praising God even though we’ve been rained on and mud is
covering the landscape.

African mud clumps to your shoes and you grow in hight and gain about
10 pounds… all due to mud.

Hannah (Hannah Texas Walker Ranger) is a trooper. She’s always
jumping in to new experiences. Yesterday she had the idea to rally
the troops to return to camp a 10,000 liter tank that was dropped off
on the side of the road. Workers had intended to deliver it to camp
but were unable to pass due to a service truck stuck in the single
lane road. They just pushed it off the truck and left.)

Hannah and Greg returned it to camp. However, the Jinja bus was stuck
in the same place as the service truck got stuck, which was just
pulled out 2 hours earlier. We told them they would not be able to
pass, however, they didn’t listen. They made it though but ended up
stuck again another 100 yards down the road.

I was in the Hilux (a ratty true african 4×4) with Hannah T. and
Janet. Jeff and Zach had managed the trail just before Jinja.

Greg, earlier in the day paddled a boat across lake Saka with supplies.

We’ve all been working hard. We’re dirty and damp. However, God is
good. These young people are hungry for the Lord.

Everyone is doing well and I’m glad I have this connection here at
camp for the moment… forgive my grammar and spelling… i’m typing

It is beautiful here. Monkeys are in the trees and the sun is setting.
Clouds on the horizon could be a sign of storms tonight.

We are blessed.
We love you all.
the team~

Posted via email from Faith Quest Uganda

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